Project: Frameworks


The best way to actually learn something is to use it! We’ve directed you to basic tutorials and introductory material for each of the 3 biggest frameworks right now. For this assignment you need to select one of these frameworks and complete a simple project. A deep-dive into any of these frameworks will be up to you, but at this point you should have a good enough foundation to find your own way.


  1. Select one of the big 3 frameworks.
  2. For this assignment you’ll be recreating one of our previous assignments using your framework of choice.. so look back at your previous work and select a project. I’d suggest either the library or the restaurant page. If you want to do the todo-list I’d suggest just doing a simplified version without projects.
  3. The actual implementation is up to you, but before you start consider which elements in your project are going to be their own components. Having a general idea of how your app is going to be organized is a great way to get started. This article while being about react is relevant for any of these frameworks. Read that and notice how they break the UI down into components.
  4. Build it baby! Good luck!

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